Common Questions

Are you eager to see your pottery creations come to life in our Kiln? Look no further! Our FAQs have all the answers you need. Discover how our affordable pricing, flexible availability, and exceptional value for money can help you achieve your pottery firing goals. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to fire up your creativity with us! Check out our FAQs now and get ready to bring your pottery masterpieces to life in our state-of-the-art Kiln. Unleash your artistic vision and let our Kiln be the canvas for your pottery dreams!

We are currently based in Flagstaff Hill, South Australia. 5159.

We cover the whole of Adelaide, but we are located just south of the City area in Flagstaff Hill.

Please refer the Pricing TAB / Menu for pricing.

We accept both cash and credit card (via Secure Stripe Payments). All payments are done prior to firing.

You should allow 2 to 3 weeks for your pieces to be ready. This could be slightly shorter or longer depending on demand. In general a single firing will take around 24 hours from start to end. So we can generally only fire once a day.

We do not offer any guarantees on items as every piece is made differently. We cannot control what comes in to be fired.

We take the most amount of care with your items, however if any of your items crack, break or explode during the firing process, then we do not take any responsibility for this. You will sign a waiver for any pottery damage prior to the firing service.

We can offer a glaze firing service if the pieces have been commercially bisque fired (I.E. bisqueware items), but if they are not then all other items must be bisque fired by us first prior to any glaze firing. This helps to prevent glazed items from exploding and damaging both our kiln and other customers items.

We use a fully automated electric Kiln which is around 79 Liters in capacity. This is around 60 to 70 + mugs for a full load.

We mainly fire Cone 6, but will fire up to Cone 10 if needed. See the pricing page for temperature guides. The temperature is specified by you prior to firing.